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Mindy & Heather


Equation KAL

The Equation KAL is producing some fantastic projects and finished pullovers! It isn't too late to join us. In fact, this pullover is knitting up so quickly that one person as already finished! 

Some quick details before I show you lovely photos: 

- Finish your Equation by August 25th and we will gift you a pattern of your choice.

- Post one in progress photo and one finished photo either on Facebook or on Ravelry.

OK - on to the good stuff, photos!

Here is the finished and modified Equation by Iris:

Iris made the 2nd size and only used one skein of Ensemble Light by modifying the pattern. She made her pullover shorter, and just worked one row followed by a super stretchy BO for the sleeves. It turned out beautiful. She used color #505.

Heather has also modified her Equation:

As you can see from the photo Heather is using two colors and she is also adding a purl row on either side of the crossover stitches to create some texture.

Here is my progress:

I think I will modify mine to have 3/4 length sleeves. Stay tuned to see!

We hope you decide to join us, and we will post the time for the next video portion of the KAL on Facebook, Ravelry, and here.



Winter in July Sale!

Hi Clotheshorse Readers -

For the next three days, July 19, 20, and 21, we have a sale on all the single patterns from the Winter 2012/13 issue. The patterns from Cozy, Gothic, Graphic, and Black & White are on sale!

All of the individual patterns are 50% off for these three days only! No code needed, discounts will automatically apply.

We hope this sale helps you think of cooler weather during the hot summer months. 

Happy knitting and crocheting!




It was at last Summer's TNNA, (the National Needle Arts Association Trade Show), that I first saw Tilli Tomas' Sari Silk yarn.  It was the mix of colours that drew me towards it before I picked up a skein then loved how it felt in my hand; heavy, dry and slightly rough.

We are so used to touching yarns, feeling their individual qualities and I usually go for yarns that are so soft, I want to bury my face into their fibres.  The Sari Silk had a different effect on me. Although, the yarn was a thing of beauty in skein form, I knew that if I took it home, got to know it a little better, that I could make it even more beautiful.

The Sari Silk, as you might expect, is made from recycled saris. Strips of colourful, sometimes embroidered silks are cut and sewn together to form a skein of yarn that is as individual as you and me. When handling the skein, I thought about the women who may have worn the saris that were now joined together in one yarn.

Where had these women lived?

 Were the saris worn as part of an everyday outfit or were they for best?

Maybe some of the saris were once wedding dresses?

As the yarn felt quite heavy and textural, I decided against making a garment out of it. I also decided that the colours would stand out better if mixed with a solid yarn of neutral colour. I chose Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton, a yarn I have used many times before and a personal favourite - I know it well. I also decided to design the piece in crochet, instead of my usual friend, knitting.

The mix of yarns; colourful, recycled silk and soft as a bunny rabbit, organic cotton, where to be striped in basic crochet stitches to become a wrap which can double up as a small rug.

How perfect to take along to an outdoor, Summer music festival!  You can sit on your rug and soak up the sunshine during the day, then when things start to cool down a bit, you have the warmth of your rug to wrap around your shoulders whilst looking fabulous! 

When the festival is over, you have the memories of the music and the dancing in a colourful wrap/lap blanket to brighten up your home.  My Glastonbury has become a very useful and beautiful piece that I will use and treasure for years to come!

- Heather


Want to win the pattern? Tell us, in a comment below, what color choices you would pick for Glastonbury and we will select a random comment for the winner.